It's difficult to keep two little boys entertained 所有 day every day, when there is 没有 to do outside of the home. We do 所有 the usual things. We play outside, we go on walks, we 所有ow more screen time than ever before. We play toys and read to them. But the truth of the matter is, they are small, and they don'不知道如何表达很多情绪。不仅如此因此,当他们开始遇到麻烦,调皮捣蛋并做自己不应该做的事情时,'t be doing because "妈妈太有趣了",它使我们知道必须进行更改。

Negative reinforcement comes naturally. A naughty act is punished, not rewarded. But, after taking away 所有 of their devices several nights in a row, I realized, that this was not the way to my kid'成功。负强化根本行不通。

I put my wild kids down for the night, on the last night of their shenanigans, and devised a plan for the following day. I was taking the day off, and dedicating 所有 of my time to them. What they needed was structure. This is a very difficult thing to do when mommy and daddy both work from home, both have a lot to get done around the house, and still have time to make sure that their small kids are challenged.

Personally, I feel I fell short in this department, having thought that I would let them have 所有 the fun in the world while on their winter break. Here'问题是,不管小孩有多开心,他们仍然需要结构。

So yesterday, we 所有 woke up, had breakfast and went to "school" in their new home 学校 area. Still wanting their winter break day to be fun, it was a no pressure kind of learning day. So while my oldest read to us, my little one had a short lesson on stretching sounds. This took about 15 minutes. I let them have a break and baked them cookies to enjoy before we dove into a few fun videos I found on 的YouTube about The La Brea Tar Pits, here in Los Angeles.


你可以找到视频 这里.

现在,下一个视频真正使他们对湖南福彩坑感兴趣。该视频是La Brea Tar Pits的悠久历史。它充满了有趣的花絮和博物馆前该地区的旧照片。它解释了湖南福彩是如何形成的,谈论了陷在坑中的动物,展示了动物的骨骼,甚至还教给了他们最聪明的食肉动物。他们喜欢挖掘知识,并讨论他们所学的知识。

你可以找到视频 这里.


我的孩子'激动的情绪极具感染力,我想我会抓住他们的时机,带他们去La Brea Tar Pits现场即兴表演。甚至老公都在旅途中。


由于博物馆关闭,因此向公众免费开放La Brea Tar Pits公园区的停车场。

We have been to the La Brea Tar Pits countless times, but never like this. One of the videos we watched explained that while most of the tar pits are fenced so that people or animals do not accidentally step or fall in, a lot of smaller pits pop up 所有 the time. So before the museum can take the time to build a fence, they simply place cones around the new pits. The boys could not contain their excitement to find tar stained cones around the park. Believe me, there are many!

如果您从未去过The La Brea Tar Pits,公园地将很美。华丽的植物环绕着地面,但闻起来有点像新铺的道路。有苹果空间供孩子们四处奔跑并燃烧能量,但您必须注意湖南福彩。


我们观看的视频之一显示了1913-1915年La Brea Tar Pits的几张照片,这使我们的大男孩非常兴奋,可以将照片中的照片与当前照片进行比较。

当然,他们绝对喜欢最大的湖南福彩坑(Tar Pit),它杀死了26只猛mm象,数千只Smiladons(又名军刀齿虎)和成千上万的恶狼。问题不断涌现,但孩子们并不太了解湖南福彩的粘性,为什么动物一旦进去就无法离开。幸运的是,老公碰到了一个尚未锥入的小湖南福彩坑或围起来。他能够给男孩带来难以置信的动手经验。在一些木棍和爸爸的帮助下'在他们的指导下,他们真正了解了湖南福彩坑坑洼洼的可能性。


Of course I was ok with this. Twenty minutes to myself is always welcome around here. So I set up our little picnic and enjoyed the breeze while my men explored. Hubby was texting photos the entire time, so I did not feel 剩下 out. When they came back, I was told that the boys were telling hubby to take pictures of them in front of 所有 of their finds, just for mommy. My heart was full.


They were really excited to find the REAL scientist research areas and 所有 of the bins where fossils are kept. As well as the tented area where the scientists actually clean found fossils (not shown).






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